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Beginnings 5
Hebrews 6: 1 - 6

by Pastor D.W. Madolo

A very difficult text! But a text that differentiates the fake from the genuine, the agents of satan and Messengers of God, error from truth, evil from good. Our focus is on vv5-6. Our introductory verses 1-3 are equally important. Foundational truths are equally important. Without them, one cannot differentiate what is from satan from what is from God.

(Date Added: 2011-03-06)

Beginnings 4
Isaiah 43: 18 - 19

by D.W.Madolo

If there is anything that holds people from starting a new beginning and continuing in newness of life: 1. It is memories: It is memories of what it used to be like. It is memories of what it could be. That is why our text is calling us to FORGET the past. 2. It is failing to see what God can do, that He is about to make a way in the wilderness. That he is about to make rivers in the desert. That is why the text is asking, "Do you not see it?".

(Date Added: 2011-02-20)

Beginnings 3
Isaiah 43: 18 - 19a

by D.W. Madolo

As humans we love ‘short cuts’ in every area of life. We have a tendency to walk with God and ‘dump’ him and hope to meet with him in another place. Worst of all we love quick fix solutions. The microwave generation refuses to follow protocol. This generation wants and wants it now! And in their own way!

(Date Added: 2011-02-13)

New Beginnings 2
Isaiah 43: 18 - 19a - New Beginnings 2

by D.W. Madolo

INTRODUCTION We serve an Innovative God! The wise man once said, “There is nothing new under the sun” But our God makes ALL things new! ??? Satan has no new tricks but modifies his old ones! Our God won’t do re-mixes! He gives the original song! Our God is not a photo-copy of anyone or anything!!! Our God is original – He wants you to be original! He won't ask you to do a Duma, Graham, Bhengu, Revival! He will make a New thing! Don’t monumentalise God Follow Him, Chase Him, Seek Him! Your are about to witness something new!

(Date Added: 2011-01-23)

New Beginnings 1
Isaiah 43: 18 - 19 a - The new beginnings

by D.W. Madolo

You cannot begin the new unless you finish the old; You cannot think fresh if your mind has stayed on the old You will not be healed of yesterday’s hurts while nursing them You will not have power to forgive until you have power to forget You cannot live on yesterday’s manna except it be for the Sabbath. You will not walk with God if you standing in one place You cannot march to victory while thinking as a victim Forget the former things! Do not dwell on the past! See the new thing that God is doing! WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE JUBILEE YEAR????

(Date Added: 2011-01-23)

Sermon 7 Church Unity
Theme: Help God Answer Jesus' Prayer: THEY BE ONE

by Rev Diba Madolo

We need to build God's people and empower them to do what they are gifted to do. Where the gift is absent the CHURCH must graciously say, 'this is not your area of service'. there has to be a fruit, and a fruit that remains!

(Date Added: 2010-06-10)

The Kind of Revival we need
Pastor's new book comming up

by Pastor Diba Madolo

A close examination of the book of Acts WITH A DIFFERENCE! The basis of revival the faith of the apostles and their practice.

(Date Added: 2009-08-04)

Family Bible hour
Personal Evangelism

by Pastor Diba Madolo

This is in addition to the EE111 programme offered through the Evangelism ministry of the church

(Date Added: 2009-08-04)

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