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New Beginnings 2
Isaiah 43: 18 - 19a - New Beginnings 2

by D.W. Madolo


a). You need a turning point
(i) No turning point w/o vision Eph. 1:18 speaks of the eyes of understanding/ enlightening
(ii) No turning point w/o conviction Rom 8:38 (persuaded) cf Jn 16:8
(iii) No turning point w/o correction 2Cor. 7:10 (godly sorrow) cf Rom 2:4 (power of God’s goodness)

b). You need a migration
(i) You may need ‘a second work of grace’ Mk 8:24 (c things as they r)
(ii) You sure need a daily dose of grace 2Cor 3:18 Don’t let your glory fade
(iii) You need continual infilling of the Spirit to experience grace Eph 5:18

a). The firstborn of Creation Col 1:15 Christ Jesus is prototokos meaning he is supreme or preeminent. Cf Jn 1:3. Col 1:16 ‘in Him all things (all creation) were created’ is preceded by ‘for’ hoti. Things created ‘by means’ or ‘within’ Him. The creation is now longing for this! In/visible, thrones, dominions, principalities & authorities.
b). The first to operate outside the known systems. And we follow. He becomes part of the system (repairs it) Jn 1:14 to show God’s defaced glory. God is always bound by his word Gen 3:15 ‘God does not talk often’ - M Monroe

c). The firstborn/first fruit from the dead Rev. 1:5 cf 1Cor 15:20 ‘Sovereign of the dead’ He is the source of new life & Ruler lysanti ‘looses us’ not ‘washes us’ av lousanti of the kings of the earth. Favour comes from Him not kings.

The crisis has to happen in your life where you really say I can see I am not right with God and am headed for hell and as such I am making a roundabout turn NOW! GET THE UNFIXED FIXED!
THIS however, unless followed by a change in character is invalid! That is why ‘New Converts’ sound more matured than 20 year old Christians

Every movement whose beginnings are not in Christ must not worry us! They wont survive!
Every movement not built in Christ will not survive
Every movement whose source of power is not Christ will not survive.

Date Added: 2011-01-23
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