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Sermon 7 Church Unity
Theme: Help God Answer Jesus' Prayer: THEY BE ONE

by Rev Diba Madolo

Text: John 17:11
Theme: Help God Answer Jesus' Prayer
Introduction: to effectively do this with our fellow Christians we need three stages:
a. I do it and you watch me do it!
b. We do it together as a team
c. You do it and I encourage and applaude you
a. Look at God's presence in a person and not the absence thereof. When the friens of a paralytic were out of order and tore Peter's roof off for the sake of their friend the record of scripture says, 'Jesus seeing their faith' Mark 2:5. Was Jesus blind to the mass these guyshas just cause? Did they in fact know anything about Peter's character that they were so daring?
b. We however know that God is absent in anyone's life as long as that other person habbitually continues sinning 1John 3:8. We miss this biblical teaching from the so called motivational preachers whose intenet is to make people 'feel good' about themselves! They promote 'high self esteem' in people's natural state! That state is fallen nature Ps 51:5 and in it dwells nothing good Rom 7:18. How can one esteem that which is fallen? Only in Christ one become NOT A SINNER saved by grace but the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God!
c. God however restores his fallen/lost child! Luke 15 -the prodigal son is a good example.Think of yourself taking a walk with your dog and it runs loose from you only to make itself dirty. When it returns, your love compels you to wash it! Greater love hath not man than this to lay one's life for a friend.
a.  Always pray, 'Thy will not mine be done'. If you miss this you miss everything you live for. Many so called belivers pray, 'Not thy will but mine be done'. Be sure God does not answer that prayer for you in the positive! At the end of your life God will say, 'Not my will but your be done!'. My will for you is eternal blessedness but of course you chose yours! Mk 14:36
b.  Know this fundamental truth: You cannot look up and look down at the same time! Matt 6:24 This simply means you cannot have divided loyalty.
c. Let me take this deeper! Even when you have to risk for God the questions you are are vital! Never ask, 'Why?' instead ask, 'Why not?'  Acts 15:25-26
b. I suggest it is your duty to dind out why God did not allow that dreaded desease to destroy you. Why did that intruder in you house not kill you? Why are you not HIV positive after that rape ordeal? You know your own environment ask your self questions why did I go through what I went through?
I dont belive God can ask us to seek him if he cannot be found. But somehow we may need to go out of the crowds to really hear him. Leave friends and say goodbyes and meet with the Lord alone! In some churches like mine there is an altar which can be approached, kneeling down the old time way during the week when no one else is there and 'Hear the Spirit'

Date Added: 2010-06-10
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