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Beginnings 4
Isaiah 43: 18 - 19

by D.W.Madolo

1. The source of New beginnings:
(a) It is not our resolution! Humanity is naturally, totally deprived! Rom 1:18 ff. Be careful of our songs. no one is seeking God, because (i) He is not lost , (ii) It is not human nature to do so.
(b) It is God's initiative John 3:16 cf Luke 19:10 (i) God is propelled by his love for us despite our rebellious nature (ii) God's righteousness (law) is satisfied while his mercy and grace is expressed towards us.
(c) It is human response to the expressed love of God. the response has to be in accordance with God's will 2Kings 5. (i) Go to the prophet v3 (ii) You experience Grace v5, (iii) You obey the messenger v10

2. The sustenance of new beginnings:
(a) The endurance to the end Matt 24:13. in this world we will sure have tribulation but because we know we have won the war, we do not bother about battles. "This is perseverance" "See, I am coming soon, hold fast.."
(b) The security for us that is in the hand of Christ:  John 6:39 for our lives are hidden with Christ in heavenly places Col 3:3
(c) The working out of our own salvation with fear and trembling Phil 2:12b. faith without works is dead! James 1:17 that is Satan's faith James 1:19.

This spells out two things (i) Many are admirers of Christ and not his followers. Admirers of Christ and disciples of Christ are two different Peters. the first Peter followed Christ at a distance Matt 26:58 as far as the courtyard. The second Peter told the same crowd he was afraid of "We must obey God rather than man" Acts 4:19
(ii) Many would be followers of Christ will fall by the wayside and live to regret the miserable future they have booked for themselves i.e. of being turned away and denied by the Christ they professed and preached Matt 7:21ff

Date Added: 2011-02-20
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